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Brandon on Guns

Brandon does not compromise on the 2nd Amendment. Gun rights are civil rights.

Brandon is proud to be a gun owner. Unlike anti-gun-rights democrats and squishy-on-guns republicans Brandon will freely discuss that he owns and shoots pistols, shotguns, and rifles - even AR15's. The 2nd Amendment guarantees our rights as Americans to own and carry guns. The Pennsylvania Constitution carries an even higher threshold that our rights to guns, "shall not be questioned." Anyone questioning if you should be able to freely own or carry a gun is anti-American.

“The only purpose the government should have with regards to guns is helping educate more Americans on how to safely use them.”

If you are a new gun owner, or have been wanting to buy your first gun reach out to Brandon and join us at one of our 'shooter forums' where you can connect with the vibrant community of Americans who appreciate a culture that values gun rights for everyone.

Guns for women. Guns for minority groups.

In the wake of societal and political unrest in recent years two of the fastest growing demographics interested in gun ownership are women and minorities. Brandon supports the 'Black Guns Matter' movement which started in Philadelphia to help educate and inform minorities who are interested in having the ability to defend their homes, families, and selves.

Pennsylvania makes it disproportionately difficult for economically disadvantaged groups to be able to responsibly purchase, own, and carry guns. In some areas - particularly cities - law abiding citizens are charged fees for being able to simply carry guns they already own. Brandon will champion 'Constitutional Carry' legislation which has already passed in many states and will remove barriers for Pennsylvanian's to protect themselves and their families.

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